月付改为年付:Please change my billing cycle to annual pay.

求一个测试ip或者下载地址:Do you have a test IP/testfile?
can you provide me an address or file to test your hosting speed?

VPS重启不起来 My VPS account is unable to access, probably due to reboot failure, please help me restart it, thank you.

帮忙重装Centos 5 32 bit系统,并且帮忙装kloxo控制面板,不需要备份:Hi,could you help me rebuild my VPS to Centos 5 32 bit with pre-installed kloxo.There are no important data, no backups needed.

SSH登陆不上了:I can not access SSH with information provide, please help.

购买额外IP Can I purchase additional IPs? Do I need to comply with ARIN regulations?

我考虑一下再决定 I will think about it then make a decision.

Hi, my 〔server/vps/hosting) is down, can you please take a look into it? My account info/ip is [在这里插入您的IP或者帐户信息]
嗨, 我的(服务器/vps/空间)死机了, 可不可以帮我查一下怎么回事? 我的帐户信息/ip 是[在这里插入您的IP或者帐户信息]

Hi, I would like to purchase [#] extra [ips/ram/storage/bandwidth] for my [server/vps]. My account info/ip is [在这里插入您的IP或者帐户信息]
嗨, 我想购买 [#] 个 [ip/内存/空间/带宽] 给我的 [服务器/vps]. 我的帐户信息/ip 是[在这里插入您的IP或者帐户信息]

Hi, Can you please reload my [server/vps]. My account info/ip is [在这里插入您的IP或者帐户信息]
嗨, 可不可以帮我从新安装我的 [服务器/vps]. 我的帐户信息/ip 是[在这里插入您的IP或者帐户信息]

Hi, my [server/vps] load is very high! please take a look! My account info/ip is [在这里插入您的IP或者帐户信息]
嗨, 我的 [服务器/vps] cpu 用量很高! 请帮我看一下! 我的帐户信息/ip 是[在这里插入您的IP或者帐户信息]

Hi, where are your servers located? Can you provide a test [ip/file]?

可选、非必填 optional

原先的 original
I,m sorry that i have to tell you that i m not satisfied with the access speed from china mainland to your server, where my target visitors are from. so would you assist me to end this service/contract and give my money back? thank you very much.



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